About the name, "Flawed Perfect"

The name Flawed Perfect was concieved one early morning while I was pruning in the tub for three and a half hours hours, the victim of a horrible cold, reading a chuck palahniuk novel, Haunted. For some reason it made me think about things that are perfect. And how they aren't perfect. How things that are perfect are just fake.. How people that are perfect aren't really perfect because, to get to be so perfect you'd have to be pretty vain, or selfish, or proud, which are all sins, and surely a sinner isn't perfect. That or you are morally perfect, but almost surely not perfect by the standards of society's favoured fashion icons, magazines, and sexaholic ways. The things/people in the world that really are "perfect" are either flawed becasue they think they are perfect, or they are flawed which makes them perfect. Either way perfection will never ever exist. Which, in itself, is perfect.

A lot of the things that I think are beautiful and wonderful and perfect are things that other people want gone, destroyed, out of sight and out of mind. Things like grafitti, like old crumbling inner city buildings, like half blown-down flarm sheds, cracked windows, vandalised trains, 150 year old gravestones, dandilions, piles of 60 year old rubbish.

Most everyone in Second Life strives to be so polished, and prety and perfect. It's so unrealistic. It appears perfect, but in that it's unbelieveably flawed.

I started to think that I wanted the stuff I made and sold to be like that stuff. The crumbling buildings, eminating with heritage; the grafittied walls, each an original piece of art work; the broken glass, a web of refracted light. These rejected and flawed things. They are flawed the the point that they become perfect in their own, ignored way. I don't want to make shiny, polished happy things like so many other people in second Life. I want to make interesting, shocking and realistic things. Off beat things. Things that some people will reject. Things that I hope most people will realise are perfect in how they are "flawed."

Wow.. I swear the explanation waan't supposed to be that long. Anyway, go read "Haunted," it's very good. It makes you think.

About Alexis Stapovic

Please Call me Lex. I'm a 23 year old self taught web designer and graphic artist, who is currently attending media classes to get my piece of paper so that I can get a good job with what I already know how to do. In high school I took 3 years of drafting which is why I am able to build with such ease in SL.

I started playing SL in Aeptember of 2006, after My favourite teacher mentioned it in class. She had seen a presentation by Linden Labs at a seminar over the summer, and said she had though of using SL in class for something. I wanted to get ahead of the game to make it easier for myself when the teacher finally did assign something...

That day naver came.

I've been wandering around ever since, learning and working and having fun, with one of the best assignments that never happened. I'm so grateful to all the people who have helped me along the way. I'm so fortunate.

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